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Rapid Close® Self-Seal Bags

aaa Hudson-Sharp presents the newest innovative form of flexible packaging — Rapid Close® self-seal bags. Using this patented self-seal bag design and manufacturing technology, Hudson-Sharp can continue to provide cost effective adhesive closures that can be used for a variety of flexible packaging applications. Rapid Close® enables the end-user to close a bag super fast, on the spot, and without the need for sealing equipment. The Rapid Close® self-seal packaging system is made up of an advanced turn-key attachment designed to fit with existing unwind stands and bag machines. With a permanent or recloseable sealing option, Rapid Close® is designed to meet your specific applications. Rapid Close® self-seal technology was patented, tested, and moved to a commercial stage via Discovery Packaging Inc., of Toronto, Canada. Hudson-Sharp recently entered into a master licensing agreement covering the manufacturing, marketing, and support for the required high-speed equipment. Key Features Ability to close a bag on the spot without the need for dedicated equipment Cost effective closure option compared to other flexible packaging products Bags can be made with film gauges as low as 80g (.0008" or 20 microns) allowing substantial material savings depending on the application Choose from either a permanent or reclosable seal, as seal strength can be varied depending on requirements and application specifications Available grouped using wicket, heat pin, or card pack forms to speed up filling/closure process A full or partial seal can be made across the bag opening


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