Hudson Sharp

Flat Belt Bag Machines

Bag Machines: Flat Belt

aaa Flatbelt 30" (762mm) seal widths 42" (1066mm) seal widths 56" (1422mm) seal widths Various Machine Widths & Options Heavy-duty construction designed for rugged, reliable, long-term operation Plain or printed side weld, bottom seal, or twin seal bags Hot wire or metal to metal Servo driven draw rolls Split or single lane Patented two-way print registration Side weld seal head Bottom seal/twin seal attachment optional Variety of unwind stands and attachments for many different bag styles Optional Indexing Conveyor UnwindAttachments and Accessories Unwinds Various Machine Widths 30" (762mm) widths 60" (1,524mm) widths 80" (2,032mm) widths Shaft driven Surface driven Inverse V-board Compact Strap Handle Zipper In-Line Accessories Preseal Gusseters including disc style, stand-alone, rail mounted Handle insertion Longitudinal sealer Presealers Angle sealers Cross sealers Handle cut-out Patch handle, glue and heat seal String and flanged zipper attachments And many more!


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