Hudson Sharp

Bottomseal Bag Machines

Bag Machines: Bottomseal

aaa 30" (725 mm) 40.6" (1030 mm) 54.25" (1375 mm) 62.1" (1577 mm) Various Machine Widths & Options Bottomseal Clamp Stack, Pin Stack or Heavy Wall Options Simple design is user-friendly Servomotor drive system delivers bag size accuracy and rapid "on the fly" bag length changes. Unique seal bar design creates reliable seals across the entire machine width. Belted secondary drawroll improves web tension control Standby heat feature for scrap reduction Jam detection Mechanical flying knife HMI Operator Interface centralizes operator controls Independently driven index table separates multiple lanes of pre-counted bag stacks BS Bag Electronic photo scanner registers a wide variety of print colors Fiber Optics reduce susceptibility to electromagnetic disturbances Attachments and Accessories Heavy Wall Package Folder Attachment Cross Folder Cross Sealer Angle Sealer Pin Blocker Presealer Slit sealer


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