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aaa The Hudson-Sharp Machine Company is credited for many industry innovations: From formulating unique product introductions to pioneering changes in existing equipment, Hudson-Sharp provides our customers with the highest quality, most cost effective choices for their applications. Preseal Presealer Accessories List Carriage Registration System Constant Velocity Infeed Crimp Unit Cross Sealer Draw Rolls Deblocker Film Fold Over - Dual Handle, Columbian Style Gusset Former - Vertical, Disk Style, Tip Gusseter Gusset Strap Inserter Gusset Forming & Unforming Assembly Handle Cutting Assembly Patch Handle Application System Longitudinal Sealing System Perforators - Linear, Pattern, Transverse Gusset Pin blocker Presealers - Standard, Chevron Punches - Bank, Continuous Punch Vacuum Scrap Removal Round & Square Removal Round & Square Bottom Attachments Servo Retrofit Kit Smoke Hood Unwinds Cross heaters with metal to metal sealing shoes for maximum sealing of heavy material Double roll unwind for running two rolls of material Bottom Seal / Twin Seal Bag Index Conveyor Extended Attachments Rails Bottom Gusset Former Lip Turner U Folder Real lift or center guiding on unwind stand for rapid and easy roll changing, hydraulically driven and braked. Double Bottom Gusset Folder Longitudinal Web Slitter Slide Web Slitter Lip Turners Double Handle Cut-off Continuous Motion Drum Sealer Servo Cross Sealers Longitudinal Perforator or Perforating Knives on Blocking Station Many more, depending on your application requirements


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